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Title: Regulación de tráfico mediante semáforos inteligentes empleando microcontroladores Arduino
Author: González García, Carlos
Director: Carlos Monzo Sanchez
Tutor: Raúl Parada Medina
Keywords: Traffic lights optimization, real time traffic measure,Arduino, Zigbee
Issue Date: 26-Jan-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The rising car traffic into cities since the first half XX century when first traffic lights appeared out, they played a crucial role on traffic management issue. Where more a more crowed cities of cars and pedestrians a proper working order on vehicles which allows to maximize the traffic fluidity, it takes a marked influence on theses related tasks. To avoiding traffic jam which held up streets, may contribute to improving the air quality, reduce noise levels and losses running to millions as well all related with jams among others points. The most of traffic lights don¿t change how they behaves on operating cycles further more on changing it both day and night schedules. This working behave on window open time doesn¿t adapted on real time traffic produce crossing and waiting time not according to real traffic requirements so it results on consequently an unnecessary jams on traffic ways. To coordinate measurements traffic flow systems and traffic lights control system may been used to optimize the working cycles and getting a perfect adjust within traffic requirements and open window lights time and traffics could be given as it needs at any time. We could dispose on this way of smart traffic lights.
Language: Spanish
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