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Title: Projecte AUTIC: aplicació de les noves tecnologies al procés d'ensenyament i aprenentatge d'un nen diagnosticat d'autisme
Author: Villarreal Quintana, Jaume
Director: Lorente Puchades, Ignasi
Tutor: Casado Martínez, Carlos  
Keywords: ICT
Issue Date: 6-Dec-2018
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Jordi is a child diagnosed with autism. His presence at the school obliged the Teaching Team to work with him to reformulate the established pedagogical and tactical approaches. In a clear commitment to attend to the diversity in the classroom, methodologies were designed in order to allow them to successfully influence the most relevant aspects of learning and maturity. With a very limited language development and a level of reasoning and unconsolidated abstraction, the evident and positive interaction that Jordi established with the devices and the New Technologies suggested a new approach: the educational apps. The difficulty, however, resided in the obvious lack of digital didactic resources adjusted to the nature of his profile. Elements such as interaction, randomness or significance, all of them of paramount importance, were not taken into account when designing and developing educational applications, which limited our margin of action as teachers. In this context, I tried to develop from zero AuTIC, a digital didactic application with AS3, the own language of the Flash environment, while ensuring the design of a pedagogically well-founded tool with a high degree of adaptation to the student profile. As a teacher, the first premise was guaranteed, but the second one, referring to design and development, started from a completely amateur approach, with the shortcomings that this might lead to. Its result was extremely enriching at pedagogical level, generating very interesting learning and interaction dynamics, but it was technically wrong. Once the basic knowledge related to design and programming has been acquired, it is proposed to reformulate and consolidate AuTIC as a pedagogical and digital tool. To do this, it will be applied to the application of the fundamental principles of design, as well as to AS3 and its IDE (Adobe Animate), placing special emphasis on everything related to the field of development, always with the present pedagogical horizon transversally.
Language: Catalan
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