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Title: Polititzar per emancipar: l'altre lloc de l'educació social
Author: Casany Fernandez, Mireia
Director: Planella Ribera, Jordi  
Tutor: Castillo Carbonell, Miquel
Keywords: social policies
social education
Issue Date: Jan-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: We live in a capitalist society (global epoch) based on inequality, which generates precariousness, malaise, social exclusion ... in short, it forces people to live in unworthy conditions (subject to subordination and supplication in order to survive). The system forces people to create themselves as subject-companies, moved only by the entrepreneurial dimension and this generates a different face of the same coin: precarious being, which is inherent in its precariousness and can not escape from it. At the same time, the system acts to depoliticize individuals, insofar as it leads to collective discomfort towards a personal issue based on therapeutic power, and also from the protective mantle of obviousness (monopoly of capitalist ideas). We think that politicizing life allows us to situate ourselves to another place, both as people and professionals, since politicization is the only way that allows us to anchor ourselves, and thus be able to return to people, the dignity that the system subtract. This TFG invites us to think alternative approaches to the current capitalist system based on the philosophical proposals of López Petit, Rancière and Nancy. Approaches, that make us emerge the critical spirit and that empower us to politicize ourselves to become freer.
Language: Catalan
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