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Title: Modernismo vernacular y reflexividad ante Hollywood. Una aproximación historiográfica sobre el cine de los años treinta
Author: Rodríguez Granell, Ana  
Keywords: modernity
New Film History
vernacular modernism
Issue Date: Jan-2019
Publisher: L'Atalante. Revista de Estudios Cinematográficos
Citation: Rodríguez, A. (2019). Modernismo Vernacular y Reflexividad ante Hollywood. Una aproximación historiográfica sobre el cine de los años treinta. L'Atalante. Revista de Estudios Cinematográficos, 27, 215-228
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Abstract: For some decades the approaches of the New Film History have been concerned with redefining the History of Cinema in a non-teleological way. In this way, they have destabilized categories of consecration of certain stylistic models such as the idea of modernism or classicism. In this article we are going to propose a revision of some cinematographies and peripheral films to Hollywood or to the framework of classicism -The Great Consoler (Velikiy uteshitel, Lev Kulechov, 1933); Pie in the Sky (NYKino, 1935) and The Crime of Mr. Lange (Le crime de M. Lange, Jean Renoir, 1936)-to verify how, from practices close to the avant-garde movements, there are processes of assimilation of certain classical icons to the pair that, precisely for that appropriation, we could find self-reflexive proposals. These practices of dislocation of the classical concept in some films outside and even within Hollywood during the 1930s decade propose historiographical and conceptual reconsiderations around notions such as modernism that we will explore here.
Language: Spanish
ISSN: 2340-6992MIAR
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