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Title: De la Administración Guttenberg a la Administración Internet: resistencias a su implementación en la administración municipal española
Author: Esparducer Mateu, Josefa María
Director: Cerrillo Martínez, Agustí  
Tutor: Borge Bravo, Rosa  
Keywords: intellectual property
electronic administration
open sources
reutilization of assets
Issue Date: 14-Jan-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Without needing to come to the theory of Baudrillard's sham, it does not seem crazy to believe that society, if we talk metaphorically, can be contemplated as a theatrical function. Each of her interpreters, in reference to sociology, specifically, actors, represents a role according to their interests, aspirations or needs and the society does not perform any more than a game of power derived from the interrelationships among the above mentioned actors. In logical corollary of this premise, the electronic administration can be contemplated as one more theatrical representation in which the diverse participating actors do not search but rather satisfy their interests. In this game of power, the public or private ownership of the intellectual property rights that are necessary to provide the public service of electronic administration is particularly relevant to the extent that private ownership weighs down the legally required purpose: the interoperability. If to this we add the territorial structure of the Spanish state and the competencial distribution among the local, autonomous administrations and state, it cannot surprise us that, these are the consequences: Taifa kingdoms with piecemeal electronics administrations. And this is the problem: the electronic administration for her proper concept and addressee demands an interrelationship among the diverse actors. Already not derived so much of the good functioning of a public service, because of the necessary interoperability between the diverse applicative ones.
Language: Spanish
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