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Title: La FAES i la qüestió catalana: la construcció del contradiscurs sobre llengua i identitat des del nacionalisme espanyol
Author: Buch Pujol, Albert
Director: Pujolar Cos, Joan  
Tutor: Núñez Mosteo, Francesc  
Keywords: FAES
Catalan identity
catalan language
Issue Date: Feb-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: In this final master's degree I analyze how the Catalan language and identity is built by FAES. This is a topic that has been studied in other entities and foundations close to Spanish nationalism, but never before in the case of the FAES. First of all, I explain that FAES is a foundation that inspires the Spanish conservative and neo-liberal world and the conservative political parties. I also analyze what is the chronological evolution of the thinking of the FAES from the articles it publishes. It goes without saying that the theme of articles usually responds to the political context of the moment. The opinion of the FAES I build from what they say a group of collaborators. In my TFM I explain the main ideas of Ernest Gellner, Kathryn A. Woolard and José del Valle, who are the three theoretical authors that help me to contrast some opinions of the collaborators of the FAES. Many times the authors of the FAES do not support their claims with evidence. In the argumentation and investigation of the work I explain that according to some authors of the FAES Spain has a national consciousness very debilitated because of the peripheral nationalisms. As for the Spanish language, they think that in Catalonia, Castilian is very much spoken because it is a necessary language. In this sense, these authors defend the anonymity of the Castilian language, that is, a language that is not of anybody and that everyone can speak. Regarding the history of Catalonia, the authors of the FAES claim that Catalan nationalism is invented by the past. Often these authors criticize historiographies that are no longer valid. Some collaborators of the FAES affirm that Catalan is not the language of Catalonia itself, because people speak Catalan and Spanish. These authors say that Catalan nationalism is excluded because it does not take into account the Catalan-speaking Catalan population. In this sense, Spanish nationalism makes an analysis based on the authenticity of the Catalan language contrary to anonymity. Unlike the authors of the FAES, the Catalan language is no longer an identity language, but a public language that everyone can speak as recognized by Catalan nationalism and some theoretical authors. The collaborators of the FAES consider that the Catalan government is too interventionist and blame the Catalan public school and means of being the executing arms of Catalan nationalism.
Language: Catalan
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