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Title: La construcción de la historia como justificación de la identidad religiosa: el caso del odinismo en Andalucía
Author: Ciprés Núñez, Emilio José
Tutor: Núñez Mosteo, Francesc  
Keywords: Odinism
Issue Date: 10-Feb-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: This work proposes the study of the Odinist religious organization in Andalusia. This group forms a community of recent appearance in Spain, but it has a marked global character given that this religion has been established for years in other countries of northern Europe and America. His beliefs are inspired by the ancient Germanic paganism and he has built a discourse under which he establishes that he is recovering the European cultural root of a pre-Christian past, uniting all Europeans under the paradigm of an original pan-Germanic culture. The objective of this work it is the study of the historical rooted discourse of odinism and the social implications that this can have for today's society, through the treatment of sources of this religious group and with the performance of an in-depth interview with a priest of this religion. This study does not seek to delegitimize the rhetoric that sustains the arguments of this religious group, but to understand the way in which history is used to build a new identity in our postindustrial and global time.
Language: Spanish
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