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Title: Gènere i bilingüisme: connectant experiències i teories. Introductory paper in Santaemilia, José, Patricia Bou, Sergio Maruenda i Gora Zaragoza International Perspectives on Gender and Language
Author: Pujolar Cos, Joan  
Keywords: Gender and language
Social inequalities
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2007
Publisher: Universitat de València. Pp. 3-30.
Citation: Pujolar, J. (2007). "Gènere i bilingüisme: connectant experiències i teories ". A:Zaragoza, G.; Santaemilia, J.;Bou, P.; Maruenda, S..International Perspectives on Gender and Language. València: Universitat de València. 3-30
Published in: Quaderns de Gènere, Sexe i Llenguatge: 3
Abstract: In this paper, I argue for the need to strengthen the connections between ¿gender and language¿ studies and other fields of linguistics concerned with forms of social domination, particularly with approaches to bilingualism and multilingualism that examine the role of linguistic diversity in the production and reproduction of inequalities. Gender and language studies have made contributions that are important from a wider linguistic and sociolinguistic perspective; but very few studies have focused so far in connecting gender and bilingualism. Here I begin by briefly exploring the separate historical trajectories of gender studies and bilingual studies. I reflect in particular about their theoretical and epistemological differences and coincidences. The few studies that have addressed the interrelations between gender and bilingualism show that gender is indeed essential to understand how linguistic difference is mobilized in the reproduction of or resistance against inequalities. Is it possible for bilingual studies to make a comparable contribution to gender studies? In the last section of the paper, I reflect on how this could be so, basically by deconstructing or critiquing received notions of language in a way that is comparable to what gender studies have done with notions such as femininity and masculinity.
Description: Peer-reviewed
Language: Catalan
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