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Title: Diseño y desarrollo de una aplicación web para la comparación de perturbaciones transcriptómicas
Author: Ranera Beltrán, Beatriz
Director: Marco Galindo, Maria Jesús
Tutor: Fernàndez Isern, Guerau
Keywords: Connectivity Map
web applications
Issue Date: 2-Jan-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: In basket preclinical trials aim to compare the pathways through different types of tumoral cells have their activity to find common targets. LINCS Project Works on the creation of a catalog containing gene expression changes after human cell exposure to agents, turning them in potential anti-tumoral agents. Within the catalogs is possible to find information about experimental conditions and gene expression changes, called signatures. The project also provides some programming tools for software developers to fast query these catalogs to get information from them. Considering the above description, the current manuscript presents the design and develop of a web application protytpe based on the code provided by the Broad Institute, host of LINCS project, to help researchers to find antitumorals. The prototype of this app is developed in Java programming language, using as main core the CMapJ classes, which are able to read files with .gctx extension that contains the gene expression data in data matrix, the signatures, and the experimental metadata describing the experimental conditions to obtain those signatures. The final result of this work is a web application prototype able to extract information of .gctx files in order to compare with other signatures obtained, experimentally, by the researcher. In consequence, the researcher might infere antitumoral behaviour by comparing with previous antitumoral investigations.
Language: Spanish
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