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dc.contributor.authorChica Martínez, Ana Belén-
dc.contributor.authorValero Cabré, Antoni-
dc.contributor.authorPaz Alonso, Pedro M.-
dc.contributor.authorBartolomeo, Paolo-
dc.contributor.otherUniversidad de Granada-
dc.contributor.otherBasque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language-
dc.contributor.otherUniversità Cattolica del Sacro Cuore-
dc.contributor.otherUniversitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)-
dc.identifier.citationChica, A.B., Valero-Cabré, A., Paz-Alonso, P.M. & Bartolomeo, P. (2014). Causal contributions of the left frontal eye field to conscious perception. Cerebral Cortex, 24(3), 745-753. doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhs357-
dc.description.abstractThe quest for the neural correlates of consciousness has led to controversial results. When contrasting consciously seen versus unseen stimuli, some authors have proposed that consciousness is related to activity in visual areas along the ventral cortical visual stream, while others propose the implication of parietal and frontal regions (Dehaene and Changeux 2011). When invisibility is caused by neglect or inattention, high levels of activity recorded in early visual areas (Vuilleumier et al. 2001) suggest that further activity in fronto-parietal regions might be necessary for conscious perception. Recent functional magnetic resonance imaging evidence (Chica, Paz-Alonso, et al. 2012) suggested a key role for the left frontal eye field (FEF) in the attentional modulation of visual consciousness. Here, we used the high temporal resolution and causal power of event-related transcranial magnetic stimulation to explore the causal contributions of the left FEF on conscious perception and to assess whether or not these effects are mediated by the orienting of spatial attention. Our results provide the first causal evidence on the contribution of the left FEF to conscious visual perception and indicate that such effects are likely to be mediated by its known role on attentional orienting.en
dc.publisherCerebral Cortex-
dc.relation.ispartofCerebral Cortex, 2014, 24(3)-
dc.rights(c) Author/s & (c) Journal-
dc.subjectconscious perceptionen
dc.subjectfrontal eye fielden
dc.subjectspatial attentionen
dc.subjecttranscranial magnetic stimulationen
dc.subjectpercepció conscientca
dc.subjectcamp ocular frontalca
dc.subjectatenció espacialca
dc.subjectestimulació magnètica transcranialca
dc.subjectpercepción conscientees
dc.subjectcampo frontal del ojoes
dc.subjectatención espaciales
dc.subjectestimulación magnética transcraneales
dc.subject.lcshVisual perceptionen
dc.titleCausal contributions of the left frontal eye field to conscious perception-
dc.subject.lemacPercepció visualca
dc.subject.lcshesPercepción visuales
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