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Title: El papel de la información en las cogniciones y percepciones hacia nuevas tecnologías aplicadas a los alimentos
Other Titles: The influence of information on cognitions and perceptions towards new food technologies
Author: Espeitx Bernat, Elena
Cantarero Abad, Luis
Medina Luque, Francesc Xavier  
Cáceres Nevot, Juanjo
Others: Universidad de Zaragoza
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Keywords: food technologies
Issue Date: 30-Apr-2014
Publisher: Politica y Sociedad
Citation: Espeitx Bernat, E., Cantarero Abad, L., Medina-Luque, F. & Cáceres-Nevot, J. (2014). El papel de la información en las cogniciones y percepciones hacia nuevas tecnologías aplicadas a los alimentos. Politica y Sociedad, 51(1), 95-120. doi: 10.5209/rev_POSO.2014.v51.n1.42482
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Abstract: In recent decades, new food technologies have been developed, resulting in several innovations, for instance: genetically modified foods, functional foods, conservation technologies (by irradiation, high pressure, pulsed electric field, etc...) and new applications based on nanotechnology. A large part of consumers don¿t have more than a vague idea of the characteristics of food technologies, but they often show rejection behaviors. The development of new processes and techniques incorporating benefits to food products is not easily perceived and valued by consumers, in a context where negative perceptions towards the industrialization of food production exists. Nevertheless, specific knowledge about new food technologies should be considered a key factor in attitudes shaping. In consequence, how these perceptions and attitudes vary when knowledge changes must be examined. We have analyzed this process in a set of consumers who have been transferred accurate information about two groups of food technologies: biotechnology and conservation technologies. Previously, have been investigated preexisting perceptions, knowledge and attitudes. Subsequently, written and audiovisual information have been distributed and discussed. As a result, the perception of change of prior knowledge, the reliability attributed to sources and integration of new information into existing knowledge and beliefs have been deeply investigated.
Language: Spanish
ISSN: 1988-3129MIAR

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