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Title: Plagiarism, internet and academic success at the university
Author: Torres Diaz, J.C.
Duart Montoliu, Josep Maria
Hinojosa Becerra, M.
Keywords: Plagiarism
Academic achievement
Issue Date: 15-Jul-2018
Publisher: Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research
Citation: Torres-Diaz, J. C., Duart, J. M., & Hinojosa-Becerra, M. (2018). Plagiarism, internet and academic success at the university. Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research, 7(2), 98-104. doi:10.7821/naer.2018.7.324
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Abstract: In this work, we determined, the level of incidence of the use of technologies on academic success and the incidence of interaction and experience on the level of plagiarism of university students. A sample of 10,952 students from 31 face-to-face universities in Ecuador was created. Students were classified based on their experience level, level of interaction with teachers and classmates, and the use they do with technology for academic activities. The results showed that the level of experience does not affect academic success, but does have an incidence on plagiarism levels that increase as this experience increases. Plagiarism reaches higher levels when level of experience, family income and hours of connection per day increases. Academic performance depends on the number of hours that students seek information and the number of academic videos they watch. Also, plagiarism tends to decrease as the student makes better use of technology for their academic activities.
Language: English
ISSN: 2254-7339MIAR
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