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Title: Reseña: "La democràcia electrònica", de Jordi Sànchez i Picanyol
Author: Borge Bravo, Rosa  
Keywords: e-democracy
political change
Issue Date: 2-Feb-2006
Publisher: IDP Revista de Internet Derecho y Política
Citation: Borge, R. (2006). Reseña: "La democràcia electrònica", de Jordi Sànchez i Picanyol. IDP. Revista de Internet, derecho y política, (2), -. doi: 10.7238/idp.v0i2.388
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Abstract: The first title in the "Vull Saber" series, La democràcia electrònica (e-Democracy) written by the political scientist Jordi Sànchez, represents a highly relevant work as it deals with a very current subject matter which can be of interest not only to politicians and public authorities, butalso to any citizen who uses new technologies and wishes to gain greater insight into the impact that technological changes have on the world of politics. Each title in the series aims to provide an introduction to a subject by condensing the most relevant information over a limited number of pages. The book invites us to reflect on the potential of the Internet to transform the political system of representative democracy and sets out the most important events that have occurred in this ambit: e-voting, open parliaments, online forums, citizen consultations, two-way communication between politicians and citizens, etc. Throughout the book, there are many useful links and Web page references to different issues surrounding e-democracy. In November 2005, the UOC's virtual Campus hosted a virtual debate focusing on the contents of the book and open to all members of the UOC community. The level of participation in the debate (more than 60 participants) highlighted the interest surrounding information and communication technologies as new social and political tools.
Language: Spanish
ISSN: 1699-8154MIAR
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