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Title: La comunidad de los diarios digitales españoles en Twitter: análisis de la distribución y del perfil de la red de contactos
Author: Martínez Martínez, Sílvia
Keywords: social media
Spanish digital newspapers
Issue Date: 18-Jun-2015
Publisher: Anàlisi
Citation: Martínez Martínez, S. (2015). La comunidad de los diarios digitales españoles en Twitter: análisis de la distribución y del perfil de la red de contactos. Anàlisi: Quaderns de comunicació i cultura, (52), 17-31. doi: 10.7238/a.v0i52.2381
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Abstract: The increasing popularization of social media explains the interest from, and its generalized incorporation in, informative media (Bacallao, 2010; García de Torres, 2010). These media explore the possibilities provided by these new horizontal communication platforms for reaching more users, for attracting and redirecting traffic and even for finding out more about readers¿ knowledge (Greer and Yan, 2010). The new norms for relations ¿ characterized by connectivity and participation options ¿ disrupt the conventional communication model and the bond the media had with the public and with sources. In the case of Twitter, this connection materializes as the relation that is created with the followers/following duality. The objective of this article is to present a study about the general-interest profiles that the Spanish digital newspapers manage on the microblogging platform. The analysis allows us to make a distribution map of the Spanish online press's network of established contacts (followers and following) in terms of volume. In a second phase, we go into detail about the kind of profiles the most followed Twitter account among those analyzed (El País) follows. The results show a clear trend towards a strategy based around circulation, since the platform allows for the creation of new distribution possibilities in intra and intergroup environments. In general, the smallest interest in accessing new nodes and strengthening the relationships can be seen in the smallest numbers of following registered. Research of the following profiles of El País confirms the pre-eminence of self-promotion. The newspaper makes its relations with external information sources public through lists.
Language: Spanish
ISSN: 2340-5236MIAR

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