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Title: Quality of Life Questionnaire: Psychometric Properties and Relationships to Healthy Behavioural Patterns
Author: Boixadós Anglès, Mercè  
Pousada Fernández, Modesta  
Valiente Barros, Lourdes
Bueno García, Javier
Keywords: Quality of life Questionnaire
Healthy behavior profile
Internet user
Psychometric properties
Issue Date: 8-Feb-2009
Publisher: The Open Psychology Journal
Citation: Boixadós Anglès, M., Pousada Fernández, M., Valiente Barros, L. & Bueno García, J. (2009). Quality of Life Questionnaire: Psychometric Properties and Relationships to Healthy Behavioural Patterns. The Open Psychology Journal, 2(), 49-57. doi: 10.2174/1874350100902010049
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Abstract: The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the quality of life in a healthy population from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) using the 'Quality of life Questionnaire' (QoLQ), which was developed in our cultural context and to examine its psychometric properties. A secondary goal is to explore the relationship between quality of life perception and healthy behavior profiles. Data were obtained from 264 participants with access to the online Campus who answered a web version of the questionnaire (QoLQ). Our results indicate that the psychometric properties of the instrument are satisfactory and the original factorial structure is confirmed: Social Support, General Satisfaction, Physical/Psychological well-being and Absence of work overload/Free time. The Cronbach's alpha coefficients for internal consistency ranged from 0.82 to 0.89 for the subscales and was 0.93 for the total items. A new variable called healthy behavioral pattern was generated from the answers of a chronogram of daily activities. The statistical significant differences (95% CI and t-values) across more healthy and less healthy behavior profiles reveal that the former perceive a higher quality of life.
Language: English
ISSN: 1874-3501MIAR
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