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Title: Catalogación y valoración de las webquests desde el área de educación física y el tratamiento de temáticas transversales
Author: Rodera Bermúdez, Ana María
Keywords: information technology and communication technologies
information society technologies
physical education
education and values
core competencies
heading valuation
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2008
Publisher: Edutec-e
Citation: Rodera, A. M. (2008). Catalogación y valoración de las webquests desde el área de educación física y el tratamiento de temáticas transversales. Edutec-e, 2008 (27). doi: 10.21556/edutec.2008.27.463
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Abstract: Gears of the current millennium have been activated by the hit entry into the information society that has generated a whole range of social and educational changes, it is difficult to stay out of their influence, such as: the dizzying presence of new technologies (NNTT) and the entrenchment of a crisis of values. Physical education has been affected by this avalanche of developments that have sparked the birth of original teaching and learning tools that can be applied in the classroom. In this sense, WebQuests have been configured as a unifying and educational activities that allow addressing the treatment of specific thematic area that we are dealing with the work of certain cross-cutting. But how do you know what product we have before us, what is its effectiveness? What criteria will allow us to classify it as a fit and capable of being applied in our particular educational context? To clarify these and other issues that any teacher could arise before the election of a multimedia educational materials, our particular object of study has a double claim on the one hand, developing two tools: the card catalog and the heading of Valuation of WebQuests and secondly, to apply these tools in order to find out / determine the degree of quality of a sample of WebQuests. In this article sets forth, in summary form, the various stages of what our research has gone since the establishment of a synthesized theoretical basis, via the definition of the basic guidelines for the design of the exhibition and research results and ending with The list of the ideas and proposals arising from the work.
Language: Spanish
ISSN: 1135-9250MIAR
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