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Title: Estudio metagenómico de muestras de agua superficial y de sedimento procedentes de la laguna hipersalina de Pétrola (Albacete)
Author: Sanz Martín, Guillermo
Director: Paytuví Gallart, Andreu
Tutor: Prados Carrasco, Ferran
Keywords: metagenomic
hypersaline lagoon
16S rRNA
Issue Date: 5-Jun-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The purpose of this work has been to characterize the hypersaline lagoon of the region of Pétrola from a microbiological point of view. For this, the total DNA was extracted from water and sediment samples from seven representative points of the lagoon and the gene coding for 16S rRNA was sequenced with the Ilumina massive sequencing technology. The bioinformatic analysis for the treatment of the sequences and the taxonomic assignment was carried out with QIIME2 tool. To carry out this process it was necessary to use a supercomputer. The obtaining of alpha and beta diversity, and the statistical analysis of differential abundance was carried out with the software R. An analysis was also carried out comparing the results obtained with 5 studies of several lagoons with different salinities. Regarding alpha diversity, it has been possible to observe the difference in diversity that exists between water and sediment samples, with sediments being much richer in microbial diversity than water. The beta diversity has shown that three samples of three points (two sediment and one water) differed with respect to the rest of the samples due to the characteristics of the lagoon and the geographical location of these points. The analysis of differential abundance has shown that there are organisms that have a greater predisposition to grow in aquatic environments. The comparative study with the articles has shown that the waters of the lagoon have a great microbiological richness.
Language: Spanish
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