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Title: Desarrollo de un pipeline bioinformático mediante R: análisis basados en panel de cáncer de pulmón
Author: Masip Galaso, David
Director: Merino Arranz, David
Tutor: Rosich Moya, Laia
Keywords: lung cancer
FASTQ files
data mining
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Nowadays, lung cancer is one of the most common and the most extensive sort of cancer. At a glance, in comparison with others, around 14% of all new diagnosed cancers are lung cancer. Due to the high likelihood, it is interesting to link the current final Project Master thesis with the relationship of a bioinformatic pipeline from a lung cancer genes panel. For its deployment, we will start with a certain amount of data coming from a panel of genes in fastq files format for its parametrization [1][2][3][4]. With the main goal defined and with the genomic integration processes in expansion onto clinical diagnostics field, we find a good reason to start deploying such a particular study onto this specific field. The programming language used for this project is the free software platform R and different packages used for pipelines, which will allow us to filter and define the correct information, graphic and represent them and get it as most simple, fast, coherent and correct way as possible, getting the decided outcome. Aside from this, this application will be able to be used for any kind of study as long as the starting point is a database with fastq files class data, either coming from Pubmed, any type of genes panel, from any sequencer instrument or from any other source. As it is going to be published on the network, this can also be used by any user, even those with no further knowledge on specific programming languages.
Language: Spanish
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