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Title: Definició enciclopèdica divulgativa: un repte pendent
Author: Orive Alberich, Raül
Director: Figueras Capdevila, Narcís  
Tutor: Gelpí Arroyo, Cristina
Keywords: lexicography
componential analysis of meaning
inclusive semantic relation
cognitive function
Issue Date: May-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The preparation of a lexicographical repertoire is subject to a decision-making process. The most important aspects are, undoubtedly, the user's choice and the lexicographical function that he intends to perform, since the function takes into account both the specific need for information about a specific type of user and the extra lexicographic situation that has generated it. The problem is that in the act of consultation the user can not always satisfy the supervening need. The number of non-specialists interested in specialized languages is increasing significantly. The television series Si no t'hagués conegut (2018), an original idea by Sergi Belbel, is a good example, as it focuses on some of the most recent theories of physics. These new communicative situations entail that the user must be able to understand concepts that are not within the reach of their general knowledge. The work focuses on the development of an informative encyclopedic definition structure that facilitates access to scientific knowledge for non-specialist users. It is about improving the existing resource landscape to give an adequate response. As there is a gap regarding the delimitation and the precision of the character traits of this type of definition, a deep analysis has been made of the main semantic theories with the aim of projecting a relationship of semantic features that facilitates the connection of an expert knowledge with a user who does not have it. In addition, metalanguage has been addressed with the intention of adapting it to the type of definition that is to be projected and, finally, it has been taken into account in what way technology could contribute to the achievement of the final objective. These three axes have allowed us to generate a proposal for a viable definition, that is, efficient when it comes to satisfying the needs deriving from these new communicative situations of a cognitive nature. Finally, the resulting definition has been implemented in some entries characterized by a high degree of specialization in the field of quantum theory.
Language: Catalan
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