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Title: Comparació de les desigualtats de gènere al mercat laboral a Catalunya
Author: Llorà Bach, Anna
Tutor: Villajos Girona, Esther
Keywords: gender inequality
labor inequality
Issue Date: 25-Jun-2019
Abstract: Gender discrimination in the workplace is an aspect that, unfortunately, we all ware of it. It is undeniable that this phenomenon continues occur, both in our country, as in our autonomous community of Catalonia. Although we are aware of the problem this entails, and despite the progress of our society; we want to know what has been the evolution from 2002 to 2018 of all aspects that determine situations of discrimination within the workplace between men and women. Is it really true what academic literature and empirical evidence expound on the supposed discrimination in the workplace today? First of all, in the present work, a descriptive study has been carried out on the subject, and different articles with similar objectives have been reviewed. Seven variables of discrimination factors, such as wage gap or occupation segregation have been analysed in order to conclude that the situation of women in the labour market has improved in recent years, but not enough; women still continue to have more family burdens and tasks than men, which makes their professional career more difficult. Secondly, these same seven discriminatory factors have been analysed, based on statistical results published by the Spanish and Catalan governments, as well as using data from different interviews with women workers with the same social profile. Once the results were obtained, I compared them with the previously mentioned theory. The results do not deceive; despite the multiple actions from the governments, and the constant struggle of many social groups, discrimination against women still evident in the majority of companies and in most cases, without us noticing it. Without a doubt, we must continue to fight and dedicate sufficient resources to eradicate this problem, from the root.
Language: Catalan
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