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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-09-15Search and Discovery : OER's Open LoopYergler, Nathan R.; Open Ed (7th : 2010 : Barcelona)
2010-09-15Structuring OER Using Learning TrajectoriesSchuwer, Robert; Vries, Fred de; Open Ed (7th : 2010 : Barcelona)
2010-09-15Student Journalism 2.0 : Testing Models for Participatory Learning in the Digital AgeCaswell, Tom; Kozak, Alex; Open Ed (7th : 2010 : Barcelona)
2010-09-15Sustaining OER at the University of Cape Town : free, but not cheapHodgkinson-Wiliams, Cheryl; Donnelly, Shihaam; Open Ed (7th : 2010 : Barcelona)
2010-09-15The FaceUOC Project : An Open Social Learning experience by the Open University of CataloniaRodera Bermúdez, Ana María; Aguado Román, Gemma; Gil Rodríguez, Eva Patrícia; Minguillón Alfonso, Julià; Open Ed (7th : 2010 : Barcelona)
2010-09-15The relationships between technology and open education in the development of a resilient higher educationHall, Richard; Winn, Joss; Open Ed (7th : 2010 : Barcelona)
2010-09-15The role of mentoring in facilitating the process of repurposing OERSantos, Andreia Inamorato dos; Okada, Alexandra; Open Ed (7th : 2010 : Barcelona)
2010-09-15The Value of Imperfection : the Wabi-Sabi Principle in Aesthetics and LearningTreviranus, Jutta; Open Ed (7th : 2010 : Barcelona)
2010-09-15Use of open educational resources at the UOCGriset Miró, Roger; Rivera López, José Manuel; Open Ed (7th : 2010 : Barcelona)
2010-09-15What do academic libraries have to do with Open Educational Resources? Theme : Long term sustainability of open education projects first steps to start upRobertson, R. John; Open Ed (7th : 2010 : Barcelona)
2010-09-15When the mummy is digital : preservation and disseminationMinguillón Alfonso, Julià; Open Ed (7th : 2010 : Barcelona)