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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11-16Digital news consumption and copyright intervention: evidence from Spain before and after the 2015 'Link tax'Majó Vázquez, Sílvia; Cardenal Izquierdo, Ana Sofía; González Bailón, Sandra; University of Oxford; University of Pennsylvania; Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
2018-10-16Dynamic pricing and learning with competition: insights from the dynamic pricing challenge at the 2017 INFORMS RM & pricing conferencevan de Geer, Ruben; den Boer, Arnoud V.; Bayliss, Christopher; Currie, Christine S. M.; Ellina, Andria; Esders, Malte; Haensel, Alwin; Xiao, Lei; Maclean, Kyle D. S.; Martinez Sykora, Antonio; Riseth, Asbjorn Nilsen; Odegaard, Fredrik; Zachariades, Simos; Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC); Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; University of Amsterdam; University of Southampton; Technische Universität Berlin; Advanced Mathematical Solutions; Columbia University; Ivey Business School; University of Oxford
2016-08-29Editorial: At the crossroads: Lessons and challenges in computational social scienceBorge Holthoefer, Javier; Moreno Vega, Yamir; Yasseri, Taha; Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3); Universidad de Zaragoza; University of Oxford
2015-03-06Patient use of email for health care communication purposes across 14 European countries: An analysis of users according to demographic and health-related factorsNewhouse, Nikki; Lupiáñez Villanueva, Francisco; Codagnone, Cristiano; Atherton, Helen; University of Oxford; Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Estudis de Ciències de la Informació i de la Comunicació
2021-05Recognizing Indigenous peoples' and local communities' rights and agency in the post-2020 Biodiversity AgendaReyes García, Victoria; Fernández Llamazares, Álvaro; Aumeeruddy-Thomas, Yildiz; Benyei, Petra; Bussmann, Rainer W.; Diamond, Sara K.; García del Amo, David; Hanazaki, Natalia; Guadilla Saez, Sara; Kosoy, Nicolas; Lavides, Margarita; Luz, Ana C.; McElwee, Pamela; Meretsky, Vicky J.; Newberry, Teresa; Molnar, Zsolt; Ruiz Mallen, Isabel; Salpeteur, Matthieu; Wyndham, Felice S.; Zorondo-Rodriguez, Francisco; Brondizio, Eduardo S.; Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC); Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; University of Helsinki; University Montpellier; Ilia State University; University of Texas; Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina; McGill University; Universidade de Lisboa; Rutgers University; Indiana University; University of Oxford; Universidad de Santiago de Chile; Indiana University Bloomington
2014-04-30User-generated online health content: A survey of internet users in the United KingdomO'Neill, Braden; Ziebland, Sue; Valderas, Jose; Lupiáñez Villanueva, Francisco; University of Oxford; University of Exeter; Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Estudis de Ciències de la Informació i de la Comunicació