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Title: Luces y sombras del libro electrónico
Author: Posse Solá, Iago
Tutor: Higueras Gómez, Alberto
Others: Iribarren i Donadeu, Teresa
Keywords: e-reader
Issue Date: 8-Jul-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Why the electronic book has not achieved the success of other digital formulas of culture and leisure consumption, such as music, cinema or video games? After ten years, the prophecy made by the publishing world at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2008, of overcoming the digital book to the paper book, has neither been fulfilled nor has it come close to prediction. And what is worse, the reasons are not very clear. The digital book inhabits a confusing world of mixed interests that offer diverse and rarely rigorous explanations. This work tries to contribute some light to the problem, trying to define, rank and unravel the real causes that concur. For this, the evolution of the electronic book, its advantages and disadvantages and the participation of the different agents are analyzed. In conclusion, the main causes that prevent further development of the e-book market are the lack of initiative of publishers, the limitations of electronic books, the uncertainty caused by the lack of institutional support and piracy.
Language: Spanish
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