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Title: Lectura y escritura hipertextuales: retos y desafíos para el sector editorial
Author: Retamoso, Julieta
Tutor: Llobet Domènech, Jordi
Others: Iribarren i Donadeu, Teresa
Keywords: e-reader
digital edition
traditional reading
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: This paper analyzes the transformations that have occurred in traditional reading with the emergence and development of electronic reading devices, taking as an axis the concept of hypertext. We begin by reviewing how this concept emerged in the field of social sciences. To do this, we analyze its appearance, closely linked to computer science, to later focus on its application to the literary field. Here we value the contributions of George Landow, who studied the relationships between writing and technology, and the new forms of writing and reading that appeared in the last decades of the last century. We also incorporate the contributions of other authors of our cultural environment that have problematized the concept of hypertext coined by Landow as José Antonio Cordón García, José Luis Rodríguez Illera, Antonio Mendoza, Laura Borràs Castanyer, and Alejandro Piscitelli. It is, therefore, a multidisciplinary approach, taking into account contributions from literary studies, communication, cultural studies and ICT studies; The look of these authors will allow us to link the concept of hypertext to the transformations and emergence of new multimedia media that emerged thanks to the internet. Next, we analyze how the emergence of electronic reading devices affected traditional reading modalities and imposed new ones, taking into account the contributions of specialists in the field such as José Antonio Cordón García and Craigh Mod. Thus, we can establish ruptures and continuities in the way in which the reading of books has developed with the appearance of e-books. Finally, we comment on the consequences that new forms of reading have on books today, taking into account the revisions that the concept of hypertext has experienced in recent years from technological advances and the emergence of new formats multimedia. We analyze concepts such as hypermedia or transmedia, as well as the configuration of new reading modalities that have emerged along with the development of the internet. Finally, we illustrate with some examples that will allow us to know how the publishing industry is participating in these transformations, with what scope and limitations, and the challenges that arise for the sector.
Language: Spanish
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