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Title: Plan especial del Cabanyal, ¿Respuesta a la gentrificación?
Author: Vidal Vera, Ricardo
Tutor: Iglesias Costa, Mariela
Keywords: Valencia neighborhood
Issue Date: Jul-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The Cabanyal-Canyamelar-Cap de França neighborhood, located on the maritime district of the city of Valencia (Spain), has been the focus of political, economic, citizen and environmental discussion in the last three decades, due to the abandonment seen subject by public authorities, engendering a progressive marginalization. The present investigation tries to analyze the convenience of the urban development action to which the neighborhood will be submitted and that will materialize through a Special Plan whose elaboration is in the last phases. Once the historical, legislative, social, economic and urban context of the neighborhood has been established, and a correlation with the most relevant conceptual guidelines about gentrification, the work aims to determine whether the aforementioned norm, after analyzing the urban elements that integrate it, contributes actively to gentri¿cation or on the contrary, given the participatory nature that has been given to its elaboration process, try to avoid the problems derived from the gentrificator phenomenon.
Language: Spanish
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