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Title: Localización geográfica de buques
Author: Malpartida Jiménez, Miguel Ángel
Tutor: March Hermo, Maria Isabel
Keywords: AIS
Issue Date: Jan-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Actualy, maritime transport is experiencing a continuous increase worldwide. The habits of buying through the Internet together with a global trade mean that, behind it, there is a vessel carrying our merchandise. Similarly, we live in a constant advance in telecommunications. The demand for fast, efficient and better quality communication makes the systems immersed in a continuous and permanent advance. Related to the maritime field, the AIS automatic identification system was designed to improve maritime safety. This system allows the exchange of navigation data between vessels and maritime traffic control centers equipped with that system. This project consists in the develop of a desktop application which allows visualizing, by means of a geographical map, the identification and positioning data that vessels transmit through the AIS system. To achieve this objective, the application processes, at the same time it is being received, the information sent by an AIS receiver through a communications network which they are connected. The user will obtain information related to each vessel and can graphically visualize a maritime traffic scenario formed by the ships that are within coverage area. Through the analysis and design, the requirements that the application must satisfy, as well as the interaction with the user, have been defined.The final result is the implementation of a highly automated, intuitive and easy to use application.
Language: Spanish
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