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Title: Creación del manual de identidad corporativa y promoción de una compañía discográfica
Author: Sánchez Santos, Raúl
Tutor: Schvarstein Liuboschetz, Sergio
Others: Vila Òdena, Irma
Keywords: record company
visual identity
Issue Date: 13-Jan-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The purpose of this project is the design of a fresh corporative visual identity for an emerging record label. The first step will be a briefing session with the client, where we will collect and organize their ideas, in order to come to a result that would guarantee the client satisfaction. Therefore, we will address the necessary subsequent steps to create the new visual identity: naming, brand design, logo creation, typography, colors, stationery papers, bussines card and merchandising, that will produce the corporate identity manual as a result. Lastly, the design and development of the record label website will be a key point in the whole process, as we will create the prototypes in low and high fidelity showing an attractive and intuitive design for the user. This task will be crucial in the record label promotion to make the company known and identifiable.
Language: Spanish
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