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Title: Les guerres civils de finals de la República (I aC) al territori i a la ciutat de Tarraco. Fonts literàries, arqueològiques i SIG
Author: Dalmau Vinyals, Marc
Tutor: Oller Guzmán, Joan  
Keywords: archaeological sources
written sources
northeast area of the peninsula
Late Republican wars
Issue Date: Jan-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The excavation of military type settlements (castella) and the findings of military objects (militaria) in some points of the Camp de Tarragona, has awakened the debate on the effects of the civil wars of the first century BC in Tarraco and its area of influence. In this work we will evaluate the impact of the wars between Sertorius, Pompey and Caesar in Tarragona territory. This study focuses on three main sections: written sources, archaeological sources and the information we can obtain through Geographical Information Systems. Firstly, we will analyse the ancient sources (Roman, Greek and Christian) that tell us about the impact of these conflicts in the northeast of the peninsula. With this information and the interpretation made by the main researchers, we will catalogue the main episodes of military and warlike tension in the Catalan area. From the archaeological sources we will obtain data on the city of Tarraco and the population of its ager. We will be able to determine if archaeology really provides data on the military tension of those moments. In the third great block we will study the relations of visibility of the main Castilian towns and we will contribute some maps that help us to understand how the control of the Roman power over the Camp was articulated. This work will help us to interpret the impact of the civil wars in the northeast of the peninsula and in the area of influence of the capital of Citerior.
Language: Catalan
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