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Title: El patrimonio en Guadalajara como política pública en la perspectiva del bien común
Author: Lorente González, Enrique
Tutor: Marrani, Lisa
Keywords: architectural heritage
constructive inheritance
public policies
collective identity
urban landscape
Issue Date: 12-May-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The location of a city's architectural heritage is a fundamental key to understanding its idiosyncrasies and the impact that its urban landscape has on citizens. This research focuses on the disappearance of the architectural heritage of the city of Guadalajara over the last century and a half, through an analysis of the state of the question and a dissection of the causes and consequences of the progressive loss of buildings in a town where, despite its long and important history, its heritage legacy has barely managed to survive over time. Unlike other studies, which are more focused on the origin and evolution of the buildings in Guadalajara, this work focuses on their destruction, for which a kind of urban autopsy has been carried out, where the etiology of the disappearance and the analysis of the public policies implemented during the period under study have yielded relevant results and conclusions, which could help to find solutions to the problems faced by the heritage that is still preserved in the capital of the province. The present work shows the need to promote a public commitment to the protection, maintenance and conservation of a constructive heritage, which directly links society with its past, without intermediation. A responsibility that, in short, implies assuming the relevance that the preservation of architectural heritage as a public policy has on the construction of a collective identity and, in general, on the perspective of the common good.
Language: Spanish
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