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Title: Diseño de mecanismos de scheduling sobre IEEE 802.11ax usando Target Wake Up Time (Implementación en NS-3)
Author: Cid Cifuentes, Angel Antonio
Tutor: López Vicario, José
Keywords: IEEE 802.11ax
Internet of things
Issue Date: 7-Jun-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Sensors and IoT networks are characterised by using technologies that allow efficient energy consumption whose objective is having devices that last for years. Hence, WIFI technology has little presence in these environments. However, the IEEE 802.11ax WIFI standard introduces a functionality named Target Wake Up Time (TWT) whose objective is to reduce the energy consumption of the devices, by establishing sleep periods where they do not receive information. In TWT, there are two models: Individual TWT, where each device agrees TWT parameters individually with the AP, and Broadcast TWT, where there is a single session between the AP and a series of devices that share the same parameters. The first objective of this project is the theoretical study of TWT and its subsequent comparison with other IoT technologies. In conclusion, we have obtained that WIFI technology, even with functionalities such as TWT, it is still far from the energy efficiency of other technologies. However, it is presented as the main solution in environments that require streaming of audio and video traffic in real time. The second objective is the implementation in an NS-3 based environment of an IoT scenario to compare Individual and Broadcast TWT modes. Here it has been shown that Individual TWT model presents a higher efficiency in terms of transmitted traffic and latency compared to the Broadcast TWT model, which would be the most efficient in terms of energy consumption.
Language: Spanish
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