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Title: Plataforma e-Learning con metodología DevOps (Hypotesis)
Author: Manzano Díaz, Antonio
Director: Soler Adillon, Joan
Tutor: Ustrell Garrigós, Jordi
Keywords: microservices
Issue Date: 8-Jun-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Digital tools continue to gain weight in the educational community and enable new opportunities and experiences for organizations and users. In a few years, education, training or professional learning is not understood without the use of new technologies in person or at a distance. Learning Managers Systems (LMS) have had solutions for more than 20 years, but their low flexibility and adaptation to the environment mean that many organizations cannot use their use as an opportunity but as a problem given their complex installation, customization or costly maintenance. This final degree project proposes a solution based on the principles of open source, which is why the Hypotesis Open developer community has been created, which will oversee the maintenance, evolutionary and correct application of the rules in which it governs. Although, the main objective is to provide a network of distributors specialized in digital education that provides this service on demand and in a personalized way to educational institutions or companies. The project is planning to offer a service that minimizes evolutionary and maintenance costs through an automated and modular infrastructure based on microservices that allows a high level of concurrency and availability. Under a multi-tenant and continuous integration architecture, all applications can be run using automated deployments. The platform has an API REST that can be consumed by external tools that facilitate the adaptation of its functionalities to other applications. In addition, this microservices system aims to take advantage of the new utilities that the market will be incorporating, such as Google Classroom or Amazon Web Services, and to be integrated into the platform according to the needs of the clients.
Language: Spanish
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