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Title: La figura del trabajador social sanitario en un protocolo de acompañamiento a personas que reciben el alta hospitalaria
Author: Álvarez García, Adrián
Tutor: Álamo Martín, Maria Teresa
Keywords: hospital discharge
social intervention
basic daily life activities
health social work
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Discharge planning implies an important coordination among professionals in order to achieve the correct connection (patient-home), as well as an important control to avoid situations of re-admission to hospital and long stays in the hospital setting. This planning and coordination is also so important to avoid the possibility to generate the appearance of new diseases, as well as drawbacks in human skills, that could result into a difficulty for the patient to carry out daily life activities. The diseases that can arise after a hospital stay can affect the patient on a physical, psychological and social level, and therefore, have certain negative consequences once the person returns home and lacks the necessary support he/she has been provided with. To minimize the consequences described above, the design of an intervention project has been carried out. It consists on the elaboration of a protocol developed in this paper, in which through an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary coordination response - focusing attention on those areas of patient needs -, the return to the patient's home is facilitated, providing him/her with the maximum possible guarantees and with the aim of getting back the prior life he/she had before his/her hospital admission. With the protocol designed, I intend to analyze risk factors and the protective and preventive factors that health professionals will have to take into account during their interventions in order to correctly plan hospital discharge. The importance will be placed in those activities that can be carried out to cover the areas of need. Moreover, there will be an evaluation of our interventions always to disseminate and help other hospitals from the positive results obtained.
Language: Spanish
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