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Title: Las reformas militares de Galieno: el triunfo de los equites y la supervivencia del imperio
Author: García Marcos, Esteban
Tutor: Olesti Vila, Oriol  
Keywords: third century crisis
Issue Date: Jul-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The third century is known for its consecutive periods of crisis, which could have perfectly sunk the Roman Empire for good but ended up enhancing it. Despite the severe challenges that it faced; the Roman Empire went through several deep changes at all possible levels. Of all the emperors who spearheaded these reforms, Gallienus Augustus is the one who stood up among them all; after the great mess his father Valerian caused to the East, Gallienus reached the purple at a time of true political collapse. One of his policies, according to Aurelius Victor, was a decree that expelled the senatori order from the army; this way, the ecuestrians took over this institution to professionalize it. Nevertheless, the idea that this edict really existed has always been refuted. This project will attempt to shed light on this issue through a perspective of analysis of classical and epigraphic sources, providing a large sum of evidence about the impact of this edict on the century in which Rome headed an authentic crossroad. However, the edict was necessarily followed by a series of reforms in the military to maintain its effectiveness, so it will also explain its importance and attachment. The first of them was the creation of a battlecavalry army that allowed a great speed of response. The other consisted in the creation of the protectors augusti nostril, the institution figured a social impulse for the lower-class equites. Then, the axis of the whole reforms always had in mind this powerful class.
Language: Spanish
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