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Title: Diseño de un programa de intervención basado en el uso de la realidad virtual para el tratamiento de las distorsiones cognitivas asociadas a un trastorno depresivo
Author: Porta Hernández, Xènia
Tutor: Ribes Fortanet, Diana
Keywords: virtual reality
psychological intervention
depressive disorder
cognitive distortions
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The technology underlying virtual reality is increasingly used as a diagnostic and treatment tool for different psychopathologies. In the context of a society in which depressive disorders are the world's leading cause of disability and suicide, it is imperative to try to find new intervention methodologies that can be used both as an alternative or complementary tool to existing therapies. Through this project, it is intended to verify the effectiveness of a virtual reality program as an intervention technique for cognitive distortions that occur in the course of a depressive disorder. In order to achieve this purpose, the BDI-II inventory will be used in a sample of adult subjects, with the aim of confirming that all of them exceed the cut-off score and present clinically significant depressive symptoms. Additionally, the IBT and CTI questionnaires will be used to measure the construct of the "cognitive distortions". It is hoped to find that the virtual reality program is effective in helping patients to detect, question and deconstruct their own irrational beliefs; which, on the other side, would help reduce the severity of depressive symptomatology. If the initial hypothesis was fully validated, a promising new intervention methodology would be available. In relation to the limitations found, they are essentially based on the lack of studies about virtual reality used as an alternative treatment for depression, as well as the small sample sizes generally used in them.
Language: Spanish
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