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Title: Análisis jurídico del bullying
Author: Felipe Segovia, Francisco Javier
Tutor: Pujadas Tortosa, Virginia
Keywords: bullying
bullying in schools
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Bullying continues to be one of the main problems of educational centers in our country for decades. Social scourge that bears a certain correspondence with family violence, both rooted in 'popular knowledge' as an inevitable evil that must be suffered and that in any way must remain outside the possibilities of intervention of justice, especially the way penal. It is indisputable that bullying has been socially tolerated with such a degree of condescension that it is socially assimilated as luck in the learning that the student has to assume in order to learn to: fit in, resist and return those blows that could come from one or the other other side. A clear analogy to the 'LAW OF THE JUNGLE' in which the tyranny of the strongest prevails over that of the 'weaker' that tends to its extinction. From the case of harassment of the young Jokin Z who ended up committing suicide in 2004, to victims as recent as Diego, an 11-year-old boy who took his life in January 2016 by jumping from his home on the fifth floor. Bullying has claimed an average of 200 thousand lives a year worldwide, only in the group of young people between 14 and 28 years old according to a report evacuated by the WHO in 2014. (WHO Report on the prevention of Suicide. Suicide a Global Imperative". 2014). The work presented here is basically divided into three sections: the first of them dedicated to concepts, characteristics and subjects, the second to deal with substantive issues on criminal responsibility in bullying cases and finally, another dedicated to associated procedural issues to the prosecution of this type of facts. It has been carried out by studying the applicable legislation, jurisprudence, and documents of the State Attorney General's Office and the Ombudsman. Although it is true that for some time now, progress has been made on this issue, in my view there is still not enough information with which to eradicate this problem. For this reason, this work could be of use to any person or organization that could be sensitized to this matter and need a legal approach on the points discussed.
Language: Spanish
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