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Title: Percepción social del trabajo social sanitario como disciplina y profesión
Author: Deltoro Rubio, Andrea
Tutor: Hernández Echegaray, Arantxa
Keywords: social perception
social health work
social image
social health
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Ignorance, false beliefs and prejudices are elements that are associated with Social Work as a discipline according to Pérez-Cosín and Bueno-Abad. These elements are also visible in Health Social Work, being a more specific and less extensive specialization than general Social Work. The Social Health Work strives for recognition as a health profession at the legislative, social and institutional level. In order to transform the situation, you must first know the state of the matter. A need to carry out the present investigation arises based on this premise, the main objective of which is to know the existing social perception of Social Health Work, in order to determine if it is recognized as a profession by they and if the level of knowledge about it. A mixed methodology investigation has been proposed, using the questionnaire technique, applied to a sample of 100 people residing in the province of Valencia, and the in-depth interview carried out with four health social workers. The results obtained determine that social perception, categorized into knowledge of the existence of the discipline, general knowledge, recognition of social health, social image and functions of social health workers, is generally positive. Although the influence of variables such as gender and branch of knowledge on levels of social perception stands out.
Language: Spanish
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