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Title: Avaluació d'una proposta de intervenció grupal per desenvolupar resiliència i salut mental en professionals d'infermeria: Programa REPAR
Author: Cascalló Piqueras, Montse
Tutor: Heredia Santaella, Luis
Keywords: burnout
Mental Health
positive psychology
Issue Date: 16-Dec-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Introduction: Nursing professionals are a group subjected to high levels of stress and burnout that puts their mental health at risk. This problem is exacerbated every time the health system is strained by a catastrophe with health consequences, such as COVID19. There is still a lack of effective interventions to preserve their mental health. The REPAR program, new group intervention aimed at hospital nursing staff, is presented. Its effectiveness is being evaluated. It is a positive orientation intervention, which takes advantage of the contributions of positive psychology and the specificities of nursing staff to develop resilience and the ability to cope with stress. Objectives: We intend to explore the effectiveness of a new group intervention, based on positive psychology, to develop resilience and preserve the mental health of nurses at the Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona. Methodology: We present an experimental study with a randomized control group and a sample of 32 subjects, to assess the effect of the new intervention on three variables: resilience, depression and anxiety, with pre and posttest measures using psychometric tests: CD-RISK 10, BDI-II and BAI. Follow-up will be assessed. Results and conclusions: The results will provide information on the effectiveness of the new program to develop resilience and reduce depressive and anxious symptoms of nursing staff at Hospital de Sant Pau. Although care must be taken with the results, given the limitation of the sample, if they showed effectiveness, they would open up hope for the development of new interventions, effective, aimed at nursing staff.
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