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Title: Automatització del desplegament tecnologic
Author: Robles Lozano, Marc
Tutor: Prieto Vega, Mario
Keywords: automation
Issue Date: 16-Dec-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The project proposal lie in to develop a virtual environment with Cisco nodes and to codify a Python robot bot which will have to deploy the environment using OSPF and BGP routing protocols. To do it, we will have to use a software virtualization tool, named GNS3. GNS3 is be able to simulate Linux Server, routers, switch, firewall of different vendors, between them, Cisco, Juniper, Aruba... In detail, once the virtual environment is developed, will be configured 5 Cisco nodes simuling ISP behavior. Two of them, will be PE (Provider Edge, it is, border router) and 3 P (Provider, it is inside the ISP network). The ISP network, have to be able to work even a link fail. Because high availability, it will be configured with OSPF routing protocol. It will be named Underlay network. Will be configured a HUB and SOHO routers. HUB is the tunnel terminator because the service tunnel finish in this node. SOHO will be the office node and it is the node that have to be auto configured. To do it, the SOHO must to have a basic configuration. About the network, finally, will have to configure a Linux server with Python and Netmiko Library. Netmiko let us to manage the SSH session since theLinux server. With Python lenguage, will be codified the script that willbe used in the Linux Server and it will have to be able to detect if the node is ready to be configured or is in down. The configuration that will have to issue with Python from the Linux server to the SOHO, will have to be ready in the Linux server as a repository for to send it in the Underlay network. Once the SOHO will be configured, it will have to be ready for to use the Overlay network using a GRE tunnel running in the BGP routing protocol.
Language: Catalan
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