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Title: Estudi de la relació entre l'absentisme de l'alumnat, la motivació i la metodologia didàctica aplicada a les classes de FOL
Author: Grande Soler, Xènia
Tutor: Castilla Corsà, Olga
Keywords: absenteeism
learning methodology
vocational training
training and labour orientation module
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Talking about absenteeism means talking about people who do not attend class regularly, but this term is not a simple concept; behind it is much more hidden. The numbers of absenteeism today are still alarming, and we are in front a complex and multifactorial phenomenon, which requires an analysis of multiple factors that are a direct cause. You will find in the theoretical framework of this study a sample of different definition to limit the meaning of this broad term. Also, you will find various classifications of absenteeism according to different criteria. Although this theoretical part is used later in some points of this study that is intended to be carried out, is also necessary to reflect on those risk factors that are conditioners of absenteeism. UOC - Treball Final de Màster Estudi de l'absentisme de l'alumnat i la seva correlació amb la motivació i metodologia didàctica aplicada. The research has focused mainly on this last point and through an empirical analysis of the data obtained from students taking the Training and Labour Orientation module in their vocational training studies considered as noncompulsory it tries to investigate about an existence of a relationship between the degree of motivation that students have and the level of absenteeism that they have in this particular module. The link between these two factors and the learning methodology used in the classroom is also a study factor of this work, with the aim of demonstrating if exists a link between the methodology, the motivation of the students and student's absenteeism.
Language: Catalan
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