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Title: Ad-hoc formation of edge clouds over heterogeneous non-dedicated resources
Author: Juan Ferrer, Ana Maria
Director: Marquès Puig, Joan Manuel
Jorba i Esteve, Josep
Keywords: ad-hoc edge cloud
edge computing
ad-hoc computing infraestructure
resource management
admission control
Issue Date: 30-Nov-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The figures regarding the proliferation of connected devices have become staggering. At present, connected devices are not only available everywhere but are also rapidly gaining complexity in terms of their significant computing and storage capacities. As a result, computing ceases to be confined to certain stationary computational devices and is able to be embedded in and pervade any object. This, combined with the ever-increasing need for timely data processing, highlights the imperativeness of being able to exploit the computational capacity of networks' edge servers to the fullest. Ad-hoc Edge Cloud is a distributed and decentralized edge computing system dynamically formed out of IoT edge computing resources. The Ad-hoc Edge Cloud architecture is novel in three key aspects: (1) it considers IoT edge devices beyond their ability to gather data; (2) it considers the unreliability of resources an essential characteristic of the proposed architecture; (3) it is a fully decentralized architecture, generated on-demand and ephemeral.
Language: English
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