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Title: L'humor com a eina de comunicació corporativa: Com minimitzar-ne els riscos
Author: Molina Gayà, Enric
Tutor: Campo Fernández, Jordi
Keywords: Benign Violation Theory
control risk tools
corporate communication
Issue Date: 8-Jan-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Humor in the communication of the organizations with their stakeholders is like carrying a loaded gun. One must be very aware of what we do with it for not blessing anyone and, above all, not blessing the organization itself. This is why the organizations have tendency to avoid the use of this resource in their communication with their stakeholders. The prudence advices to keep our communication tone as much neutral, formal and aseptic as possible. But humor is a very powerful instrument in communication and it should not be avoided just because of the fear of possible accidents. In certain occasions, it could be even a good ally in our communicative necessities. How can its risks be minimized? The main objective of this work is to investigate the tools that can allow us getting advantage of the huge potential of the humor in corporate communication, with the maximum possible control of the risk. In this research we¿ll analyze what is humor and what types of humor exist, in order to place this subject. Later, we will put in relation the different types of humor with the corporate communication, to find the classes of humor that suit better the organizations as well as which fit worse or which are even completely avoidable. We will search the use of humor in corporate communication, by checking successful cases or cases where the organizations did not reach the expected effects, but undesired others. Finally, we will explain the conclussions of our research. In summary, the problem we face is the distrust about the use of humor in corporate communication Our research hypothesis is that the ground of this problem lay on the fear to the negative consequences that can arise, resulting in a self-limitation on the use of this resource. And with this paper we intend to contribute to overcome this distrust by bring out information about tools that may allow us to minimize its risks. Without making you laugh.
Language: Catalan
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