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Title: Microagressions en l'entorn laboral: Anàlisi teòrica aplicada a les organitzacions
Author: Ventaja Bobet, Àlex
Tutor: Rojas Arredondo, Jesús
Keywords: microaggressions
Issue Date: 28-May-2019
Abstract: The rise of extreme ideologies shows that current policies and strategies fail to adapt to the last social-political-economic changes, and a social implicit cognition increasing its resistance, in the organizational area, coping and managing strategies have not avoid notorious cases of microaggressions. This paper reviews microaggressions to analyze, define and classify the phenomenon and its effects in the workplace, applied to people, organizations and assessment of coping and management strategies and possible proposals. The research has been developed through information and publication networks and research profiles in research sites. The literature review shows a fragmentation in the study, a scarcity in measurement instruments and empirical studies, that limits its comprehension and transversal implementation or integration with other phenomena. The evaluation of coping and management strategies reveals a cognitive perspective focused on implicit bias that would allow a new approach also applicable to other phenomena and social and organizational scours.
Language: Catalan
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