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Title: Diseño de baraja de tarot con modelado 3D
Author: Alegre Castro, Samuel
Tutor: Calleja García, Carla
Others: Melenchón Maldonado, Javier
Keywords: tarot
Issue Date: 31-May-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The project consists of designing a Tarot deck of 22 cards corresponding to the archetypes of the Major Arcana, using 3D modeling techniques. This is a rich exercise in interpretation and reinvention of metaphoric or symbolic concepts, which focuses exclusively on the artistic section of the creation of the cards, leaving aside esoteric or divinatory beliefs. In addition, it is suitable to put into practice the knowledge acquired throughout the Degree, such as creativity techniques to devise the cards, the composition, the use of color, the definition of an analogy of the set, etc.
Language: Spanish
Appears in Collections:Trabajos finales de carrera, trabajos de investigación, etc.

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