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Title: Diseño e implementación de la base de datos para una aplicación de gestión de procesos electorales
Author: García Gutiérrez, Isidoro
Tutor: Ferrer Durán, Jordi
Others: Baró, Xavier  
Abstract: The holding of elections is the foundation on which democratic societies are built. Electoral processes are carried out at the local, provincial, regional and national levels and are the local, provincial, regional and national levels and are the instrument that determines the choice of the people of the people who are elected to govern the citizens. Despite their importance, it is not yet possible to conduct elections telematically. However, in addition to being able to store the results of the current process it is necessary to start designing and the results of the current process, it is necessary to start designing and implementing a system that allows the modeling of electoral processes. The time constraints imposed on its development have required constant monitoring and updating of the initial planning. The adjustments made have the completion of the tasks necessary to present a tool that represents a step forward towards the the possibility of electronic voting. The different steps indicated in the field have been followed to capture the reality of elections and to transfer the of an election and to transfer the information requirements to a database management system. Based on the design and implementation of the system, it is possible to respond to the queries to respond to queries on election results. The final product incorporates additional functionalities to those required in terms of information. information. It also has the necessary mechanisms to control possible error situations possible error situations and to monitor the operations carried out by the database users. by the users of the database. Finally, it has been possible to develop and extend the specific and transversal competences of the subject and of the database.
Keywords: elections
electronic voting
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/bachelorThesis
Issue Date: 10-Jun-2021
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