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Title: Sistema low cost de comunicación bluetooth low energy
Author: León Jiménez, Julia
Director: Monzo Sánchez, Carlos
Tutor: López Antón, Aleix
Keywords: Bluetooth low energy
Issue Date: Jun-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Due to the rise of the IoT (Internet of Things), it is increasingly common to find devices (household light bulbs, irrigation, speakers ...) that are controlled with an application installed on our Smartphone. These devices are connected by Bluetooth with each other and with the controller device, in this case, our Smartphone. In order to make the consumption of this communication system as low as possible, Bluetooth Low Energy was born, a protocol with an enough low level of power and communication range for this technology. This project focuses on designing a Bluetooth Low Energy communication system using a variant of Arduino microcontroller and an integrated SoC that receives data through one of its communication interfaces and sends it through Bluetooth. First of all, a study of the Bluetooth Low Energy communication systems developed that are on the market will be carried out, in order to later be able to make a comparison between the system designed in this project and those that already existed on the market. After this study, the Arduino and SoC devices that will be used for the design of the communication system will be analyzed and selected. Then, the hardware structure will be designed, consisting of Arduino + SoC + all the electronic components necessary to complete and put the system into operation. Then, a software interface will be developed that will be responsible for collecting the data the SoC receives through one of its communication peripherals and sends through Bluetooth. Finally, a prototype will be designed on which functional tests will be carried out to verify that the design is optimal in cost, consumption and operation. To conclude the project, a comparison will be made between the developed system and the existing BLE communication systems. Aspects such as: consumption, cost, size, range will be compared...
Language: Spanish
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