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Title: Control de vehículos GPS
Author: Díaz de Tudela, Fernando
Director: Garrigues Olivella, Carles
Tutor: Giralt Queralt, Francesc
Keywords: Android
Issue Date: Jun-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: I will work on a vehicle control platform where users can see their status and GPS location in real time. The web application is already developed and in operation, so what is going to work is the native application for the Android platform. The user receives any problem that his vehicle has such as a hit, manipulation of parts or illegal attempt to start the engine. It also has the function of sending orders such as stopping the engine in the event of theft or kidnapping. It also integrates a GPS locator with which you can locate and follow the vehicle at any time and view its position on a map with movements in real time. As mentioned, the application will be developed in Kotlin for Android and the new Jetpack Compose library will be used. Although it is currently in the alpha phase, its functions and features will be explored since everything indicates that it will become the Google standard for its mobile applications. Google's Firebase is also used for the backend of the application. Mainly this tool is used for the management of users and notifications as well as the Firebase Realtime Database.
Language: Spanish
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