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Title: PoC de un sistema Open Source, multiusuario y cooperativo de medición de consumo eléctrico
Author: Peso Ribera, Xavier del
Director: Marquès Puig, Joan Manuel
Tutor: Albós Raya, Amadeu
Keywords: Power Metering
Issue Date: 9-Jun-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The power metering has always been something hard to measure. This is because, from a user standpoint, it was only possible by checking the electric bill. But nowadays, with important topics arising like global warming and the efficient use of the energy, power metering is becoming a need. This thesis explores, as a PoC, the creation of a platform that enables users and small companies, with neither specialized knowledge, technical skills nor budget, a way to measure their own electrical installations and devices. To reach this goal, the architecture of the platform has been split into two much differentiated parts. On one side, the users, in a client role, should be able to acquire low-cost sensors or even design their own to integrate them into the platform. In this PoC, two types of clients have been investigated. The first one, designed to measure from the electrical distribution panel, and the second, designed to be plugged into sockets and measure single electrical appliances. On the other side, the platform required a server where host and store all the data from sensors. To avoid extra costs to the clients, the server has been proposed as a cooperative service, where a user or community would provide their own resources to others for free. This PoC has validated that it is possible to measure any kind of device with high resolution, without implying high costs related to technology. Furthermore, the server is able to host all the data for all users at the same time, while keeping everything completely isolated.
Language: Spanish
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