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Title: La importància de la naturalització de l'espai del pati
Author: Orriols Parera, Queralt
Tutor: Vilaseca Gonzalez, Gemma
Keywords: natural spaces
active learning
psychomotor activity
nature deficit disorder
Issue Date: May-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: More and more children have less contact with the natural environment, among the rush of adults, extracurricular activities, hours by car, TV, consoles, mobile phones, hours spent in a classroom, etc. they forget that there are places full of trees, places full of colours, smells, sounds, animals, etc., but adults also forget it. Throughout this work, therefore, this problem is analysed and we reflect on the benefits of contact with natural spaces, and how this contact can be increased in order to improve their health, both physically and mentally. The idea is to make this approach within a space where they spend most of their time, the school. It is therefore necessary to naturalize the outdoor spaces of the educational centers, specifically the space of the patio. To reinforce this approach, a collection of studies and ideas is made by some professionals, such as Richard Louv, and his nature deficit disorder, a term he uses to describe the "symptoms" provided by decreased contact with the natural world, or the claims of Dra. Corina Basnou, researcher at CREAF (Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications) who highlights the difficulty of children being sensitive to the problems of their natural environment if they do not know this environment, and also the notes of Heike Freire, writer and graduate with psychology and philosophy, who can support a series of proposals to make an approach of the natural environment to school grounds. It includes a fieldwork in a rural school on the uses, pros and cons of carrying out activities outside the classroom, in outdoor and natural spaces, in order to reinforce the theoretical information obtained with a closer and better known space. At the end of the work there are a series of proposals that aim to offer resources in order to enhance and improve the use and structure of schoolyards, since most of these spaces its core is a concrete track and the vegetation is not very present.
Language: Catalan
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