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Title: La medicina militar en la antigüedad y su presencia en los ejércitos romanos de Hispania en época alto imperial
Author: Marroquín Morales, José Luis
Tutor: Mateu Sagues, Marta  
Sierra Martín, César  
Abstract: Roman medicine inherited the technical-scientific knowledge of the advanced Greek tékhne iatriké. Initially, Hellenic medicine was rejected by some sectors of Roman society who saw their traditional medicine based on religious practices, theurgical concepts and the domestic methods of the pater families threatened. Despite this opposition, scientific medicine ends up imposing itself and in the hands of the Romans it acquires an important development that was reflected in the production of complete medical treatises, the technical development of surgical instruments, environmental health strategies and the establishment of health military. Compared to other topics, ancient military medicine, especially in the Iberian Peninsula, has not been fully studied, with some gaps in theorizing. That is why this research work is aimed at determining the presence of military medicine in Hispania during the High Roman Empire from the evidence provided by the material culture regarding the sanitary-type buildings of the Roman military camps, the surgical instrumental used by military doctors contrasting this information with the data provided by the texts of classical authors with the aim of contributing to the knowledge of the history of military health in Spain.
Keywords: military medicine
high empire
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: Jun-2021
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