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Title: El sitio de Tiro por Alejandro Magno (332 A. C.)
Author: Alcántara Gutiérrez, Luis Guillermo
Tutor: Antela-Bernárdez, Borja  
Keywords: Alexander the Great
Hellenistic period
ancient history
military strategy
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Historiographic review of the siege and capture of the city of Tire in 332 B. C., a military action that Alexander the Great carried out showing off strategic resources, including the construction of a causeway that would end up joining to the mainland the island on which the Phoenician city of Tire was located. The capture of this city is one of the most celebrated feats of the Macedonian king who conquered the Persian empire and expanded the area of influence of the Greek culture to the entire Ecumene, giving rise to a phase in ancient history known as the Hellenistic Period. Due to the impressiveness of this achievement, I consider it interesting to review the strategic elements that shaped the siege plan. These elements can be grouped into the following categories: the plan itself; logistics (gathering and usage of material resources); the conception and construction of siege engines; and the conception of the different tactics. Special mention should be made of the construction of the causeway to link the island to the mainland. This work includes the analysis and confrontation of the classical sources, seeking to identify both the coincidences and the differences that arise between them. Although it is known that there were primary sources whose authors were witnesses of the events, unfortunately these have been lost. For this reason, a recount is made of the authors of these sources, although secondary sources will be used. Also, I will turn to modern sources that contribute to a better understanding of the subject.
Language: Spanish
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